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Joe Montana

“Stellar Transportation thank you for your outstanding service you have provided for me and my family for the past 15 years.

Your service for Super Bowl 50 was absolutely flawless and Alvin Hall was wonderful to hang out with for 7 days.

For all business and personal services Stellar Transportation will always be my go to service!!

“It’s not just a ride it’s a relationship” is Stellar Transportation’s tag line and I absolutely agree!!


I have had the pleasure of working with Stellar Transportation over the past five years. Having worked with transportation companies all over the country, I can confidently say Stellar Transportation are the best out there. Alvin Hall & Maria Moser and their entire team of drivers are top notch. This is a company that fully devoted to providing the highest levels of customer service every step of the way. They are customer focused, detail oriented, reliable, organized, extremely professional and able to calmly and quickly deal deal with any last minute changes that come their way. They made every one of our guest feel like a VIP and made my job easier! I cannot recommend Stellar Transportation enough for your transportation needs in the Bay Area.

Jenny Stamenson, Manager Program Operations

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