Wine, Fine Dining & Fine Lodging

We offer over 300 wineries for you to choose from when planning your limo tour of Napa Valley. If you don’t wish to choose, we have a planned tour available which includes several of the most well-known and firmly established wineries. Relax completely while enjoying the beautiful scenery Napa has to offer, and broaden your pallet by tasting a variety of wines at the wineries’ welcoming wine tasting rooms.

Popular Napa Wineries:


There are also many fine restaurants in the Napa Valley which offer amazing food and, of course, amazing wine. Make a full day out of your Napa Valley adventure with tours of the vineyards and wineries and finish up with a fine meal.  Sample well-prepared, beautifully presented meals made from the freshest locally grown, often organic, seasonal ingredients and paired with the perfect locally produced wine. You will find an abundance of French, Spanish, Thai, Italian, Indian, American, seafood and sub food in Napa Valley. You may want to dine in for breakfast or eat near a fireplace for dinner. It’s all here just waiting for you to take it all in, and we’re here waiting to take you there.

Popular Napa Restaurants:


Want to make it a long tour? No problem! Napa Valley’s lodging options are numerous and diverse. You are sure to find the perfect spot for an overnight stay.

Popular Napa Hotels: